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Happy Mother's Day Tear's

To Mom

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Honor; there is no other day of Honor on any calendar that can hold a torch to Mother's Day! Our Mother is the giver of this life. Born from her womb and onto this Earth, today is the day we truly thank her for our birth! Our Mother holds us from the very start with such great love, pride and all of her heart! She asks for nothing, just does her thing, because a Mom already feels she has grabbed the Brass Ring. With such loving care she wipes away our very first tears, then looks deep into our eye's with that wonderful stare, letting us know she will always be there! She begins her journey of unselfish and unconditional Love, knowing she has no match, other than from above...

It is interesting to me that the vows of a wedding are so close to the unspoken vow of a Mom.To Love and Comfort, to have and to hold, to honor, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others as long as you shall live. Mother's don't recite this vow,they live it everyday. So on this day of great Thanks to our Mother; how do we Honor the most beloved person we will ever know? Well the funny thing is she will tell you it isn't necessary, because that is the true epitome of a Mom. She loves getting a gift, a hug or just a simple acknowledgment, but says it isn't necessary,Why? Only your Mother will look at you, and never need a gift, because "you"are her gift! This is why Mother's have no rival on this Earth, they are sacred beings! Why do we get our Mom's flowers on Mother's Day? Flowers are the closest thing we can find to the eternal beauty of a Mother...

On this day with great Respect, we take the time to reflect. We pray for every Mom that has passed away, and thank the good Lord for her in every way. In our hearts we are never far, from all her Love and that bright shining star. Mother's nurture as no one can, they have given birth to the future and held it's hand. Mother's are the Angels sent straight from Heaven, to guide us in the right direction. If we choose to stray away, Mom stands by us every night and day. There is not another that can take the place of a Mother's heart and her grace. So when God calls her back to be an Angel again, it's because he knows he can do no better than them...


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