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12 Reasons Promposals Are The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen On Vine

If you do it right it only takes six seconds to get a date for the prom. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Don't ask it. Twerk it

2. Way to sweeten the deal

3. It's a promposal straight from the dollar menu

4. Totally staged

5. Stinky feet are an aphrodisiac

6. Make it good. It's the law

7. Athletic prowess is a sign of a worthy prom date

8. But coach, we've never run this play before

9. Teddy bears over gummy bears. Lesson learned.

10. Don't do it, his face is questionable

11. Really, pizza is a win/win scenario

12. New record: 4 promposals in less than 7 seconds.

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile