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15 Unwritten Rules Of The Beach

The beach can be great summer fun, or it can be a series of embarrassing mishaps that lead to a lifetime of pain. Follow these simple rules to avoid calamity. Much love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Eyes forward at all times.

2. Go deep.

3. Absolutely no rollerskates.

4. Ease into it.

5. Ease out of it.

6. Enlist a friend to apply sunscreen to hard to reach areas.

7. Waves. They come in waves.

8. Absolutely no cats.

9. Don't show off.

10. Wear your glasses.

11. Wear your sunglasses.

12. Never toss a puppy to a blind man.

13. No sandcastles in high traffic areas.

14. Maintain your dignity.

15. No dogs allowed.

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile