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Tweets From The Avengers

Meet Earth's most socially connected heroes, the Avengers.

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@_KurtWagner My name is Hank Pym I am a member of the Avengers who have teamed up with the X-Men on many occasions

What villainy is this? Green skies over Avengers Mansion?

I never asked to be an action figure. Being a soldier doesn't automatically make me G.I. Joe.

Ol'Cap will lessen his objection when the royalty checks start streaming in.That's capitalism, and that's America.

Focus, boys! Is this the door or not?#SSDayofTerror

Hell hath no fury like a socially active super-ex scorned.

As Avengers we are not allowed the luxury of happiness. It is an error, a misjudgment. It was silly of me to have ever tried to pretend.

Androids can be so depressing.

@Edwin_Jarvis -Adopts a thoughtful expression as he follows him, and offers a shrug to @_Thunderstrike in response to his unspoken question-

I guess you just go with the one that matches your armor?

Thanks for the share.

Clint yawns as he prepares to make his morning coffee.

That's also how I know when my grandmother is visiting.


Hulk smashed.