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14 Times We Were Happy Someone Had A Phone

Don't get stuck without a phone. Because then we won't have pictures. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. When Peter Pan realized he grew up

2. And curiosity got the best of Carl

3. When this woman's life went down the drain


4. And when this guy's insurance went through the roof


5. When this hamster needed to go carb-free

6. And the fence won

7. When this pup realized he hates recess


8. And this girl found out it's locked for a reason

9. When the cigarettes means it's time for a new chair

10. Or when this guy decided that nut was "so worth it"

11. When she figured out what a drying rack was for

12. When this kid got hooked on the pot

13. And this dog wasn't tall enough to ride

14. And when this hedgehog learned about life

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile