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17 Times The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Ruined Everything

The 1% ruin it for the rest of us. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Let the record show, the struggle is not real

2. The pop-tart is no longer king

3. Your silverware is so basic

4. Smokey the Bear was a big deal for us

5. Celebrate your next promotion with dry food softener

6. Rich a-hole, there's no app for that

7. And you thought two-ply was a luxury

8. Is your rug even endangered, bro?

9. It's like your Tamagotchi, but not

10. The grass is greener on the private island

11. Feel the waves of entitlement wash over you

12. Hopefully it's pee

13. Moats, amirite?

14. Life hack, only $1000

15. That maid must feel so lucky

16. So noble

17. It's not that we hate you - wait, no, that's it.

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