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14 Things We Do While Waiting For Our Phone To Charge

10% Charge? I can work with that. Just one more selfie. Promise. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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You're enjoying your cellie

When suddenly: Low Battery!

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And mom calls just as you hit 7%

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1. Okay, 2%. You got this. Just a quick charge.

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2. Just relax with, you know, non-phone stuff.

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3. Oh god, this is taking forever.

4. Pretend to Instagram your food. **Click**


Is there a filter for unrelenting sadness?

5. Who needs Spotify anyway?

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6. I do, I need it!

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7. I know, I'll like stuff IRL!

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8. Ugh, nevermind.

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9. Everyone is interneting and I'm just sitting here

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10. Wait, is it done yet? Nope.

11. I guess I could eat or something.

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12. Oh right. I can't GrubHub.

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13. When will the madness end?!


14. Oh, cool. It's done.

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Now back to living large.

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#Obviously - Virgin Mobile