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24 Things Everyone Experiences On A One Night Stand

There's only one weird, awkward, drunk way to do it. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. You want to have some fun tonight

2. So you load up on liquid courage

3. And find someone who shares your interests

4. It feels kind of romantic

5. But, it's more a right time, right place thing

6. Your guy friends are happy for you

7. Your girl friends are less happy

8. This isn't like you

9. You go to their place

10. And start slow

11. But things escalate quickly

12. It's not a perfect science

13. Condom wrappers are like kryptonite

14. Your body isn't cooperating

15. The cat allergies are kicking in

16. Roommates never knock

17. You try something new

18. But it doesn't go over too well

19. It's over before you know it

20. Holy crap, that just happened

21. You wake up not sure where you are

22. The romance is gone

23. You say your awkward goodbyes

24. And make the walk home

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile