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20 Things Ain't Nobody Got Time For

Peep these minor annoyances that can ruin anyone's day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Why, Yogurt? Why?

2. I didn't want to listen to music anyway.

3. Must've been in a hurry to get back to the jerk store.

4. I wasn't trying to get to work anyway, Sun.

5. Screw it. I've got a shirt.

6. The cups! They hold nothing!

7. That's just wrong.

8. Wronger.

9. Wrongest.

10. I wasn't going to use that anyway.

11. Seriously?

12. I didn't want to watch that anyway.

13. I didn't want to watch that either.

14. Kind of wish I was a bot right now.

15. Looks like I'm going back to bed.

16. I didn't want to go home anyway.

17. Does this taste like blood? I think this tastes like blood.

18. I wasn't going to sit there anyway.

19. Some real page turners here.

20. What club is this? The Tool Box?

#RetrainYourBrain- Virgin Mobile