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The 21 Most Absurd Library Books You Won't Believe Exist

The internets may be full of WTF, but the library did it first. Judge A Book By Its Cover - Virgin Mobile

1. Evil genius university required reading

2. The pages are all yellow with . . . age?

3. Do want

4. One creepy book

5. You're not my real mom

6. Brought to you by Trojan Condoms

7. Mistakes happen

8. The Justin Bieber story

9. Getting real tired of your sh*t, Bobby

10. Business in the front, super fast party in the back

11. So proud of Grandma

12. Is it Madden 13? I bet it's Madden 13.

13. Sorry.

14. Go on . . .

15. Easily stored in your fanny pack

16. Get more fiber

17. More games than you would think

18. Still waiting on the advanced guide

19. Wut

20. Typical Dick

21. Awesome? Awesome!

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