15 Reasons You’re Excited To Go Back To School

Too cool for school? Not us, bro. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Because you can't wait to save

2. and the summer job didn't really work out

3. and you'll see all you "friends" again

4. Because there's always more freshmen

5. even if they can't hold their own

6. Because even if you failed physics, you'll never fail physics

7. and you've been practicing all summer

8. Because you're a gamer

9. and you've done all the required reading

10. Because the cuisine is stellar

11. and it totally agrees with you

12. Because naps

13. Because the faculty is well trained

14. and you can major in just about anything

15. and if you study hard you can be whatever you want to be

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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