15 Reasons We Love Our Strict Moms

It wasn’t easy being overbearing and cruel morning, noon, and night, but somehow Mom did it. Happy Mother’s Day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. You were always so caring,

3. and always made us feel so loved,

4. and even if you didn't quite support our dreams,

5. you always made time to live out your dreams through us.

6. And when it came to discipline,

7. you were always so creative,

9. which is why holidays were always such a special time.

10. And even if you kept these guys in business,

11. and were always discreet in your criticism,

12. you always knew how to motivate,

13. with shame,

14. and a little crazy,

15. and a pinch of love.

We feel you mom. It's a tough gig. Happy you day

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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