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15 Reasons We Love Our Free Spirited Moms

It wasn't easy raising a kid named Moonstar Batcave, but somehow Mom did it. Happy Mother's Day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Hey, living in the forest was kind of badass.

2. And you took us everywhere.

3. And taught us to be free, and just go with it.

4. And encouraged our creativity.

5. And made us really fun toys.

6. And you were always open and honest.

7. And helped us clean our rooms.

8. And opened us up to new experiences.

9. And opened up our third eyes.

10. And bought us our first dream catcher.

11. And paid for our first dream catcher tattoo.

12. And drove us to school.

13. And traded a burrito for a miracle to get us into our first 'Dead show.

14. And even though sometimes you borrowed our stuff.

15. Yours was always better.

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#Obviously - Virgin Mobile