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18 Reasons Snapchat Is Definitely Worth More Than $3 Billion

Money is temporary, but Snapchats last forever. Or, something like that. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. If you want to forget last night, it's gonna cost you

2. Mom boobs don't come cheap

3. Hard work pays off

4. A Lannister sock puppet is worth more than gold

5. Stocks rise when Miley is on board

6. You can't put a price on beauty

7. It's the best security money can buy

8. It's a goldmine of opportunity

9. If it fails Uncle Phil can bail you out

10. You can't buy wisdom like this

11. Barbie costs twice as much on the street

12. It's already attracted savvy investors

13. It's a high price to stay young


14. $3 bil? That's clown money, bro

15. More bread will come

16. These special FX are worth at least $4 billion

17. Money can't buy love. It must be captured.

18. Screw the money, it's about power

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile