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16 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Emails

It's not just your dial-up internet. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. All your subject lines include "Hot Babez"

2. You're using an address ending in

3. You keep forgetting to add needed attachments

4. You're the IT guy

5. No one knows how you got their address

6. You're just forwarding stuff

7. Your email has nothing to do with your subject line

8. You're not actually connected to the internet

9. Your signature says "Remember the environment before printing this email"

10. U keyp mess spilling werds

11. You might be a dog

12. You're totally a dog

13. Your emails just go on and on and on

14. You're an African prince

15. You sent it at 2:45AM. Drunk. Again.

16. You only sent it to yourself

#GetOverIt - Virgin Mobile