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16 Reasons Getting Old Doesn't Have To Suck

Getting old doesn't have to be a drag, if you keep these simple facts in mind. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Getting there is half the fun

2. Nothing is expected

3. No one cares if you flip out

4. You'll always have your memories

5. No one blames you for anything

6. Rules no longer apply

7. You always know what time it is

8. You can quote Sgt. Murtaugh with impunity

9. You're only as rad as you feel

10. Every time you take a nap somebody calls an ambulance

11. You know where you've been


12. and where you're going

13. You don't owe anyone an explanation

14. after all, you're just stretching it out

15. And if you have to bro down...

16. ...whatever. YOLO

#BreakFree- Virgin Mobile