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15 People Who Deserve A Promotion

Whatever you do. Do it well. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. The future VP of Slice-ology

2. Officer Twirly-pants

3. This rad warehouse guy that's seen Gleaming The Cube over 150 times

4. This no-look UFO ninja

5. Cartman! Na na na na na na na na, Cartman!

6. This midichlorian-laden doorman

7. The cutest ever letter opener

8. The krabby patty lady that got Sponge Bob fired

9. The world's most entertaining sub contractor

10. DJ Meow Mix

11. Mr. making it rain

12. This tenacious milkman

13. This bus driver that's always on time

14. The last oldschool fisherman

15. Dancing Ted - the world's dancing-est landscaper

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile