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25 People That Just Can’t Handle It

Fiscal cliffs, sequestration, global warming, scandal, will there ever be a Ghostbusters 3? It's all too much. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. This is not my guitar

2. These are not the stairs

3. The machines! They're rising!

4. You got change for a table? Thank you.

5. Follow me... to freedom!

6. When there's no mic to drop...

7. These are not my arms

8. I friggin love yogurt!

9. Down I go.


11. How do I ketchup?

12. Derpy derpy dooooo

13. How do I Rambo?

14. Mildred, that squirrel is back again.

15. Cool out, bro.

16. Just like the pros

17. The mentos! They burn!

18. And that's why I demand more homework

19. Nope

20. Ooo a penny!

21. This is not soup

22. Tennis. You're doing it wrong

23. Tim was not a very good bully

24. Sally flunked circus

25. I'm out!

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile