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Our Plot For A Neil Degrasse Tyson & Bill Nye Buddy Cop Movie

Step aside Patrick Stewart & Ian Mckellen - this is the nerdiest bromantic comedy ever told in the history of the Universe. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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Someone's taken credit for starting the Universe


"How could this happen?" says random officer.

Neil's like, "The Big Bang? I've got my theories."

Cue the music


Starring Neil deGrasse Tyson


Neil is focused on the job

And Bill Nye


Bill is cocky

The Chief tells Neil he has to partner with Bill


He's not happy

They put aside their differences

And face the media


They start to bond

Really bond

Which leads into Neil's gratuitous 28-minute sex scene.

Which leads into Neil's gratuitous 28-minute sex scene.

Eventually they catch a break in the case


This guy can't deal.

Duh-Duh-DUUUUUH! It's Shia LaBeouf!

He knows science's only weakness

Neil finds out Bill applied for a transfer

He goes out to blow off some steam

LaBoeuf kidnaps Bill

And turns him into a RoboCop


Another completely original idea from Labeouf.

Bill is programmed to destroy Neil


But his robot heart is overridden - with love


RoboBill gets his own sex scene here.

They find LaBeouf at the old Even Stevens studio

Plot twist: LaBouef was Beans the whole time

The President thanks them


The case is closed

And they celebrate in space with Richard Branson

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile