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15 Magazines That Failed To Predict The Future

When you put your predictions in print, they last forever, and ever, and ever. Unfortunately. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. The twist ending is nope.

2. Ouch.

3. SMH

4. Burn the blueprint

5. Hmmm. Someone better tell Mommy.

6. Leno took it on the chin, and survived, I guess.


7. Still waiting.

8. Not fun. Not at all.

9. Hmmm was he?

10. Guess not.

11. The king is dead.

12. Actually, we hated hating him.


13. Huh?

14. This is how it should've gone down.

15. Ahhh. Sheesh. ( pulls collar uncomfortably )

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile