15 Excuses That Seem Totally Legit

Who knows why anybody does anything? The internet, that’s who. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. I need my coffee in the AM.

2. I WAS pushing the button… In my mind.

3. I really wanted the candy. The delicious candy.

4. I figured it was for science.

5. That is NOT the woman I came with.

6. ‘Puters took my job.

7. I had a note.

8. I tried to call but I had no change.

Just this cell phone full of 21st century trickery.

9. He said he was NOT a criminal.

10. We ran out of purple, so I made it purple.

11. I was studying. Hard.

12. I didn’t want to litter. I had to.

13. I can’t drive 55.

14. I ran out of form letters.

15. I was just doing what the sign says.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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