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Every Friday Night According to Instagram

If want normal stay inside on #FridayNight. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Break out the sex toys

2. This is where the Magic happens

3. Hayy gurrl, ET phone you some time?

4. Gotham is in deep fried danger

5. My other thumb is a head

6. Draw me like one of your french girls

7. Are you kids huffing red markers again?

8. You drunk my sattle bip

9. Is it too late to sign up for healthcare?

10. Come on, Bunny! Focus for, like, 3 seconds

11. Drake Hands wants your hot love & cucumber slices

12. Party animal over here

13. Come play with us, Wilbur

14. Never waxing again, I look like a wiener dog

15. Nobody puts baby in a corner

16. Everybody shut up, you're scaring the ducks

17. Staying in tonight guys, I need my 8-10 hours

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile