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15 Awkward Moments From The Animal Kingdom

Nature is beautiful. And sometimes awkward. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. When this kitten went all Bill O'Reilly on your asses!


You don't even know.

2. When this lil guy can't stop/won't stop

3. When this cat realized he's not the father

4. Whenever this happened

5. When this pup learned about life


6. When Justin Bieber threw eggs at this penguin's house

7. When this Scottish Fold was so busted


8. When this Corgi was too Corgi for its own good

9. When this gull went to the mall for the first time

10. When this cat thought no one was home

11. When this giraffe bro found the Friend Zone

12. And this ostrich found it, too

13. When this dog assumed it was magic

14. When this kangaroo learned to juggle


15. When your neighbor's cat was cooler than you


#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile