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20 Animal Babies That Are Cuter Than People Babies

Look at these little babies. So cute, like people babies, 'cept cuter. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. He's got a lil baby shell and everythang.

2. So cold. So cute.

3. The cutest baby raviolis ever!

4. They're like 90% legs, and 100% cute.

5. This lil guy trades cuteness for honey on the black bear market.

6. Hugs.

7. Is that a baby squirrel in your pocket or are you just happy to... OMG it is!

8. I want to mount this baby blue marlin on my baby office wall.

9. Baby Rhino is going to grow up to be a Rhymnoceros.

10. With his buddy, lil baby Hiphopapotumus.

11. Baby Otter. Boop!

12. Baby Praying Mantis wants to grow up to cohost Space Ghost.

13. What, are you kidding me Baby Hedgehog!?!!

14. Baby Platypus is the anomaly of the cute-ass baby world.

15. Yes, please throw me to the Baby Wolves!

16. Baby Owl, what? Baby Owl, Who?

17. Baby Giraffe wants his baba.

18. Peek-a-boo, Baby Cobra.

19. Oh Hai, Baby Dolphin.

20. Go to sleep, Baby Bat, and dream of being a Batman.

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile