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90s Rappers - Where Are They Now?

The 90s were notorious for raps that ranged from epic to huh? Take a look at where some of our favorite rappers from that decade ended up. Tune in to to see Virgin Mobile FreeFest live stream Saturday 12PM EST Peace out - Virgin Mobile

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Scott Harrison / Getty Images

Perhaps best known as the guy that stole that Queen song, and got hung out a window by Suge Knight, Vanilla Ice staged a late 90's comeback with an updated limp-biscuit-esque sound, and almost killed Jon Stewart once Yup, that happened. So now Ice is all grown up and flipping houses on the HGTV.


Moses Robinson / Getty Images

Cee-Lo put the Atlanta rap scene and the dirty dirty south on the map with his cohorts in Goodie Mob. He went on to tear up the charts as a solo performer and in Gnarls Barkley. Now he spends his time making other people famous from a funny chair.


3. DR. DRE

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Dr. Dre went from N.W.A. frontman to the most coveted producer in the rap game to the guy that released the best record about smoking weed since Peter Tosh. Nowadays Dre is pretty much just overpriced headphones


Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Ludacris rode the wave of southern rap that came out of the late 90s and told all the b!tches to get out da way. While his last album dropped in 2012, he's been making waves on the silver screen, winning a SAG award for his role in Crash, and fixing Buicks in Fast Five.



Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Onyx was the harbinger of the mad face invasion, which never came, and popularizer of the phrase, "Duh duh duh." While according to their discography, they never really went away, You probably haven't heard of them since. But maybe that's because they've been working the Balkans with Croatian rappers Nered & Stoka.


Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Kwame the boy genius that brought you such rapping trends as polka dots, and falsetto girly voices never really left the scene. He merely changed his name to K1 Mil, and produced hits for the likes of Will Smith, and Lloyd Banks.


Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Coolio spent most his life living in a gangsta's paradise. Then the 90s ended and sh!t got real. In 2012 he came in second on the Food Network's Rachel Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off. He still performs, but now it's for juggalos. (check out the tattoo)


Jacob Andrzejczak / Getty Images

Tone Loc, you know, that guy that loves to do the wild thing while downing copious amounts of funky cold medina. Well he's been dabbling in acting with appearances in such classics as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ferngully. He was last seen as the voice of the talking goat in White T. When not acting he's still dropping raspy rhymes on suckas in some of Vegas's seediest night spots.


Mark Davis / Getty Images

Biz has had a long and storied career that no one can beat. He went from Pickin' Boogers to giving us all what we need. He never really went away, giving us such classic moments as this Elton John cover . Now he educates the next generation of lyric wonderlings with Biz's Beat of the Day, a recurring feature on Yo Gabba Gabba.

10. NAS

Kimberly White / Getty Images

Nas blew up the scene in the 90s with one of the smoothest flows ever committed to wax. He entered the 2000's as the only MC with enough cred to feud with Jay Z. He has had one of the longest and most consistent careers in the game, and 2012 will find him blowing up the spot at Virgin Mobile's FreeFest.


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