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20 People That Are Doing It Wrong

It's not bad, it's just that they need some more training. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Needs some tripod support

2. Needs more celebration practice

3. Needs more work on his "Dude! Grenade!"

4. Needs more birthday prep

5. Needs more tollbooth experience

6. Needs some magazine help

7. Needs more emergency response training

8. Needs to cultivate a clue

9. Needs to go back to Rock & Roll school

10. Needs to work on her going up

11. Needs more trust practice

12. Needs to sharpen his burglary skills

13. Needs to not skip the walk through

14. Needs more reverse training

15. Needs to get some stopping prowess

16. Needs to re-read the manual

17. Needs to hone his door skills

18. Needs to go back to super hero school

19. Needs more tennis lessons

20. Needs some exercise assistance


- Virgin Mobile