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Paid PostPosted on Jan 22, 2013

20 People That Are Doing It Wrong

It's not bad, it's just that they need some more training. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Needs some tripod support

2. Needs more celebration practice

3. Needs more work on his "Dude! Grenade!" / Via

Not the guy you want to share a foxhole with

4. Needs more birthday prep / Via

He's got time. 2 or 3 more birthdays and he'll pick it up.

5. Needs more tollbooth experience

6. Needs some magazine help

7. Needs more emergency response training / Via

They must be enemies.

8. Needs to cultivate a clue

9. Needs to go back to Rock & Roll school / Via

Watch for the shrug. Classic.

10. Needs to work on her going up / Via

You can go anywhere in your Hoveround. Anywhere that has an elevator.

11. Needs more trust practice / Via

Let's not chalk this up to a lack of trust, you guys.

12. Needs to sharpen his burglary skills

13. Needs to not skip the walk through

14. Needs more reverse training / Via

The point! Haha

15. Needs to get some stopping prowess

16. Needs to re-read the manual

17. Needs to hone his door skills

18. Needs to go back to super hero school / Via

"The goggles! They do nothing!"

19. Needs more tennis lessons

20. Needs some exercise assistance


- Virgin Mobile