20 Holiday Decoration Hacks

Helpful decorating tips from some holiday decor game changers. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. The "It's Not Worth The Effort Tree" hack

2. The "Improvised Menorah" hack

3. The "Whovian Tree" hack

4. The "Alls I's Gots Is Some Drift Wood Tree" hack

5. "The I Forgot To Buy Ornaments" hack

6. The "Mentholated Menorah" hack

7. The "I Forgot To Buy A Tree" hack

8. The "Oldhead Stoner Menorah" hack

9. The "More Tree Than House" hack

10. The "I Married A Gentile" hack

11. The "Not Keeping Up With The Joneses" hack

12. The "Hardware Store Menorah" hack

13. The "Pastafarian Light" hack

14. The "Jewish Fraternity Menorah" hack

15. The "Hey Girl, Save A Tree & Decorate Me" hack

16. The "5-Year College Plan Tree" hack

17. The "We Get It Bro, You Kill Stuff" light hack

18. The "Internets Are Leaking Tree" hack

19. The "Fungus Among Us Tree" hack

20. The "Keep Your Packages Under The Tree" hack

Have a happy & safe holiday season.

Much Love,
Virgin Mobile

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