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20 Geeky Desserts That Take The Cake

Cake day inspiration for the über nerd. Much love - Virgin Mobile

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1. The take a delicious gigabyte cake

2. The sad lonely robot cake

3. The if you step on it, it will hurt like hell cake

4. The all the things cake

5. The Pluto's not a planet cake

6. The cake is NOT a lie cake

7. The 12 sided cake cake

8. The IRL cakeday cake

9. The I thought this cake smelled bad on the outside cake

10. The Leeeeeeeerooooooy Jeeenkins cake

11. The probably has lice cake

12. The diabetic / Bio Shock cake

13. The show your work cake

14. The better than the real thing cake

15. The worst super power ever cake

16. The default browser cake

17. The just blow on it cake

18. The java flavored Javascript cake

19. The I like cake


20. The cake with the power

Go ahead, you know you want to.


- Virgin Mobile