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16 Instagrams That Prove USA Will Win It All

You can learn a lot about a country by their fans. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Brazil's concentration level: boobs

2. The Charlie Brown shirt says it all, Mexico

3. Japan's just horsing around

4. Go home, Germany. You're drunk.

5. Belgian devil nipples hold no power on the pitch

6. Someone should really tell Jamaica they didn't qualify

7. Everyone's out to get South Africa. For vuvuzela reasons

8. France, your cirque de soccer is a le joke.

9. Ghana will lose it's shirt too

11. Honduras is... WTF Honduras?

13. A dingo ate your football, Australia.

14. Way to bring a chicken to a cock fight, Chile.

16. And look at this... ah crap... USA is screwed

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile