15 Things You Need To Survive SXSW

Headed to the premiere Interactive, Music, and Film festival of the greater Southwest? You won’t last a day in Austin without all of this gear, trust us.

2. LAPTOP - Computers are good for interneting, and blogging, and other future stuff.

3. TABLET - If you don’t have more than one way to check your tweets, how are you going to impress anyone?

4. VIRGIN MOBILE ANDROID - Show ‘em you mean business. Get all unlimited with your data and damn the contracts.

5. SUNSCREEN - The Texas sun has killed better men than you.

6. LIFE PRESERVER - Floatability separates the noobs from the pros.

7. BEACH BALL - Be a gamer. Go for it.

8. SXSW PASS - What else are you going to hang from that sweet-ass lanyard?

9. CHANGE OF UNDERWEAR - You’re going to be eating a lot of tacos and burritos. ‘Nuff said.

10. SPECTACLES - Nothing makes you look smarter or more attractive to the opposite sex.

11. THROWING STARS - If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.

12. BEVERAGE OF CHOICE - Stay hydrated and keep your mind decently lubricated.

13. HORSESHOES - Did we mention this festival is in Texas?

14. NOTEBOOK - In case your phone, laptop, and tablet all go down at once, you can write out your tweets and tell them to passing strangers.

15. LIGHTSABER - Because.

16. DIGITAL CAMERA - No one will believe all the free beer you are drinking unless you take a picture of every single one.

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