15 Soul-Shattering Portraits Of Celebrities

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art is stuff you look at, I guess. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Jeff Goldblum in repose

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2. Christopher Walken in the shop

By Brandon Bird, see the rest of his works of subtle and not so subtle genius here - http://www.brandonbird.com/

3. David Schwimmer in a glass case of emotion

4. Bill Murray in the guise of others

5. Nick Cage in his glory

6. Gary Busey in the wake of genuis

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7. Oprah under the influence of flap jacks

Find more breakfast time fun from Dan Lacey here - http://www.faithmouse.com/dan-lacey-gallery/index.html

8. John C. Reilly in wistful thought

9. Louis C.K. in the corner of his mind

10. Justin bieber in a state of grace

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11. Cher as the man in the mirror

By Paul Richmond, peep more of his amazing stuff here - http://www.paulrichmondstudio.com/

12. Nicki Minaj in conflict with herself

13. Snooki in the crosshairs

15. Eric Roberts in the dreams of children

Another Brandon Bird masterwork

Aesthetically Yours,

Virgin Mobile

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