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15 Gifs That Are Way Awesomer In Reverse

Time travel isn't possible yet (thanks, science). But these reverse .gifs should hold us over until we find that Flux Capacitor.

1. Ladies . . .

2. We were at the park when the drugs began to take hold

3. Mans best friend delivers

4. Follow me. Come on, bro!

5. Right behind you

6. I hate it when there's no seats left

7. Spices. Not even once.

8. Watch me go full 'squatch, bro.

9. Those Yoga classes are really paying off

10. Let me have a closer look

11. I regret nothing

12. Just use the hatrack, Carl

13. I must go. My planet needs me.

14. Bro, do you even CrossFit?

15. Awesomer. So very awesomer. I'll unclap to that.

Evol Hcum,

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