15 Celebrities Using Public Transportation

See. They’re just like us. Just with more money, good looks, and fame. Keep an eye out - Virgin Mobile

1. NPH express train high five

2. Shut up, Bono

3. Anderson Cooper makes the MTA look sexy

4. Jay-Z and who we can only guess is Beyonce

5. The Queen riding the peasant wagon

6. Mum says I’m to be a prince of the people. Hello, people!

7. Not the first time Pee Wee was caught in public

8. Rihanna and, is that the guy from Mean Girls?

9. Jake Gyllenhaal reads a bedtime story to a fellow commuter

10. That guy’s shirt/face says it all about Jessica Alba

11. Anne Hathaway and friend taking up the whole pole

12. Hugh Jackman taking the train from Oz

13. Keanu was sadly rejected after answering a classified looking for “the one”

14. Tyra Banks, Clay Aiken, and a sweet horseshoe mustache

15. Kim Kardashian pointing at what she believes is an anatomy chart of the male genitalia

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