10 Classic Game Shows That Should Be Apps

Classic game shows must be saved from rerun oblivion! Developers got to at least bring Mark Summers back to the top of pop culture with a sweet mobile app on Android.

1. Press Your Luck

Golden opportunity to play the game on public transportation and weird out commuters by whispering, “No whammy, No whammy, No whammy…”

2. Family Feud

That rapping Tupac hologram was cool, but a lifelike Richard Dawson avatar would usher in a new wave of technological advancements.

3. Name That Tune

It’s kind of like sound hound, only users have to guessing the song before Tom Kennedy reveals what tune is playing.

4. The Dating Game

Dating websites would lose a lot of subscribers — this app matches gamers up with three random strangers who may, or may not, sleep on their parents’ futon.

5. Legends of The Hidden Temple

Children of the 90s and arguably everyone else on earth is ready to play as the Silver Snakes and run through the temple, collecting artifacts in record time.

6. Cash Cab

Experience the rush of being a contestant on Cash Cab from anywhere, including the john.

7. Supermarket Sweep

Gamification of online grocery shopping — people compete in real time to see how fast they can find items like oatmeal and check out.

8. American Gladiators

Gamers should play with Ice — she was one stone cold fox with jousting abilities of a greek goddess on protein shakes.

9. Remote Control

Chockfull of pop culture knowledge and special guests like Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn, this has the makings of a priceless app (true market value is more like 99 cents).

10. Celebrity Jeopardy

Although a fictional game show — categories such as the “Pen is Mightier” and characters like Turd Furgeson and Sean Connery, this would make a classic app.

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