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Celebrity Tweets That Should Be Flushed Down The Toilet (Literally)

Sh*tter takes feeds from your twitter account and turns them into toilet paper. Here are 10 celebrity tweets that should be flushed into the abyss.

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HA! Whilst stalking your social obsessions, we stumbled upon a service that can "Take one or more feeds from your twitter account and turn it into four rolls of toilet paper, delivered straight to your door."

Naturally, this got us thinking about tweets we'd like to see flushed down into the abyss.


Its time for a follow frenzy!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Seems a little desperate. Maybe a call for help? Nick's just gotta play it cool. The followers will come.


@keshasuxx Thanks Miss Kesha. Just watched this in bed w my boys. Now I have to explain what Fuc#ing means!! U rock Xxoo

Just because Britt's a super responsible and watchful parent, doesn't mean she should go around flaunting the fact. It's not like protective services is following her on twitter and she only tweets stuff like this to impress the bigwig.


'We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.' ~François Duc deLa Rochefoucauld

Yes, Paula we all believe you read a book.


This dude totally hash tagged himself in public. Also he's watching himself on TV, ouch.


How HOT is our new Kardashian Kollection summer ad!?

Followers deserve a more subtle way of saying "Buy mildly stylish attire from me."


PHILADELPHIA! Damn good to be here - been too long. I have a little surprise for you on RAW. #EyeOfTheTiger

Not much of a surprise. We already know professional wrestling mostly consists of grown men dancing around in tights.

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