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Vegas Road Trip: Expectation Vs. Reality

So you're thinking of grabbing some friends and driving to Vegas for a fun weekend getaway? Think again. Making the journey between LA and Vegas is not as easy as it seems. Instead of putting yourself through all of this, book a flight with Virgin America. They're offering direct flights between LA and Vegas now!

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Your Ride: Reality


You grossly underestimated the cost of a rental car. Your friend Mike says he can borrow his great-aunt's Pinto, as long as you're all ok with having to hold your passenger doors closed with a length of rope for the duration of the trip. Oh and six miles to the gallon.

Road Trip Companions: Expectation

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Everyone is just thrilled to be sharing this time together. You'll swap stories, and you'll share smoothies. Twenty years from now, at your weekly poker night, you'll fondly look back on this trip and regard it as the moment in which the four of you formed an eternal bond.

Snacks: Expectation


You've thought ahead and packed a veritable cornucopia of tasty treats for you and your friends to enjoy. Sandwiches, fruits, maybe a handful of Hershey's kisses if you're feeling adventurous!

Snacks: Reality


An hour into the trip, Mike will announce that he's hungry, and even though the rest of you would rather wait longer before stopping, you hastily decide to grab some greasy grub from the next fast food place you see. You reluctantly eat your Bacon Blaster, and then you hate yourself for a while.

Music: Reality

Tommy Boy Records

There's no auxiliary input for your iPod, there's no CD player. There isn't even a functioning radio in this ancient Pinto. All there is is a tape deck, and the only thing you found under the seat is an old Jock Jams cassette. As "Whoomp! (There It Is)" comes on for the fourth time, a single tear falls down your cheek.

Sleeping: Reality

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It becomes obvious after three hours of trying that it is just physically impossible for a grown human to fall asleep in a comfortable position while sitting in the seat of a car. To spite this theory, you fall asleep anyway. You wake up twenty-two minutes later with a crick in your neck and your cheek damp with saliva.

Conversation: Reality


A girl you don't know very well will talk for two and a half hours about a boy she just met. She thinks he might be her soulmate, but he won't answer her phone calls, and won't text her unless it's past 2am. Is that weird?