A scientific expose on the Vin Diesel created phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation! A stunning collection of your favorite ‘fat-jacked’ celebrity idols all gathered for your viewing pleasure on tumblr. “And God saw all that (pasta) he had made, and it was very good.”- Genesis 1:31


According to fat-jacked tumblr:

“To truly be categorized as “Fat Jacked” one must possess at least two of the following qualities:

1) Muscular Arms

2) Muscular Chest

3) A “core” circumference that either matches or exceeds that of the chest

4) Appears to have been to a gym in recent memory (or possesses a gym membership)

5) Wears Under Armour shirts regardless of the occasion

6) Does not, I repeat, DOES NOT do cardiovascular training under any circumstance

7) Fading physical definition

8) Is an avid user and advocate of the supplement creatine.”

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