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    The Art Of An Olympic Boycott: Moscow 1980 Vs Sochi 2014

    These are some mean posters, comrades.

    OK, so a boycott of the Sochi Winter Games is not going to happen & was a terrible idea to begin with. But let's check out some common themes used in art by boycott advocates today and 34 years ago. Here's a parallel slalom for #Moscow1980 and #Sochi2014 boycott propaganda. Whoosh!

    #Moscow1980: Misha the mascot (with a friend)

    #Sochi2014: the three sad amigos mascots / Via

    The Polar Bear, the Hare, and the Leopard are the mascots for Sochi. Change.Org doesn't envy them.

    #Moscow1980: a Russian tank with rings

    Newsweek readers in the White House answered this one wrong.

    There will be no cover story for Sochi in Newsweek, it's now an all-digital outlet because most of us get our news right here on BuzzFeed.

    #Sochi2014: a Russian helicopter with rings

    Is it the same Mi-17 'copter bought by the United States from Russia for the Afghan army? Wait, remind me what the Moscow 1980 hush was about?

    #Moscow1980: "May we assist you, please?" / Via

    Pop quiz: how many of you BuzzFeeders know who Sakharov was?

    #Sochi2014: "May we assist you, please?" / Via

    Do not, do not go to The Washington Post for your daily news about terrorism threats in Sochi. Stay here, keep scrolling.

    #Moscow1980: the Berlin Wall / Via; Amnesty International (West Germany)

    #Sochi2014: the Kremlin Wall

    Did Amnesty Int'l-West Germany want to add something about the photoshopped scene here?

    #Moscow1980: Brezhnev the Entertainer

    #Sochi2014: Putin the Entertainer

    #Moscow1980: the swastika

    #Sochi2014: the swastikas

    And now a message for our sponsors..

    #Moscow1980: the Olympic podium / Via

    Pravda, John McCain's favorite newspaper.

    Also Dick Cheney's most appreciated quality in friends.

    #Sochi2014: the Olympic podium

    "Amnesty-shmamnesty," said the world. "Panem et circenses!"

    #Moscow1980: barbed wire

    #Sochi2014: barbed wire

    Technological progress.

    #Moscow1980: all the sports you'll be missing

    #Sochi2014: all the sports you'll be missing

    #Moscow1980: Putin on a tank! / Via

    Okay-okay, it's Brezhnev. With Osama Bin Laden. Did they both drone themselves to death?

    #Sochi2014: Putin in a tank!

    Okay-okay, it's not a tank it's a Katyusha, reinvented as "Stalin's Organ."

    #Rio2016: Putin in a tank on a tank / Via

    Yours for 22.99 plus sh&h. Warning: will NOT ship to individual customers in Russia. (Buy in bulk.)

    #Moscow1980: adorable Brezhnev

    #Sochi2014: adorable Putin

    #SanFrancisco2042: adorable Putin à la Brezhnev

    Also known as "Chicken Kiev."

    (Caution: #Seattle2042 has a better chance.)

    #Moscow1980: bear surprise! / Via

    It's Misha err it's boycott!

    #Sochi2014: bear surprise! / Via AFP PHOTO / NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA

    Grrr, it's Stalin.

    Bear Surprise!

    John Lurie is a god in Russia.

    #Moscow1980: the anarchist's noose

    #Sochi2014: the hangman's noose

    Moscow1980: rings as handcuffs

    #Sochi2014: rings as handcuffs / Via RUSA LGBT

    #Sochi2014: & another message for our sponsors / Via Facebook: Boycott Sochi 2014 Community

    NBC sold more than 33 billion rubles in ads already. They're lucky their logo isn't round shaped.

    Remember, kids! / Via Nadia Khuzina

    But why? / Via

    Because it's been tried. The 1980 Boycott was a disaster.

    (written on the pant: U.S. Administration.)

    Words to live by:


    "Don't trust, don't fear, don't beg."

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