What It’s Like Being A New Associate Attorney

So you finally got a legal job…

1. You’re super excited when you get the job offer

What?! I can move out of my parents’ basement?

2. But on the first day, you’re already confused

Huh? They didn’t teach me this in law school.

3. You want to cry because nobody explains anything

I’m going to be fired.

4. And you’re afraid to ask any questions

What kind of mood is he in today?…

5. Then the partners start piling on work

I have to finish this by tomorrow?

6. And you start working late hours

What time is…zzzzzz.

7. Your SO gets SUPER clingy

When are you coming home?

8. When you get home, you scarf down everything in sight

I didn’t even remember to eat today…FML.

9. Even when you make time to sleep, you can’t

I’m just going to roll away now

10. And then something miraculous happens

Wait, it’s all starting to make sense now.

11. But then you submit your first assignment

It didn’t seem that bad to me…

12. And depression sets in again

If anyone calls, I’ll be laying under my desk.

13. By Friday, you’re just thankful the weekend is almost here

I can make it through one more day.

14. But then you realize you have a deadline on Monday

Wait, I thought that was due in two weeks?

15. And you realize you have to work on Saturday

Why god, why?

16. But then you get your first paycheck

Totally worth it.

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