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Vine Vera On What Is Beauty?

Vine Vera, the luxurious skincare line discusses the concept of beauty and provides cosmetics tips for accentuating your natural beauty.

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Beauty is something we all strive for. The most important kind is inner beauty; kindness, passion, drive, love, a free spirit, and the desire to enjoy and get the most out of life. But we also want to reflect our great inner beauty on the outside. If in the world, everyone only saw our inner beauty, there are many "gorgeous" people who may not be very visually appealing, and even more "ugly" people who would shine radiance upon the planet. Sometimes, we all just need a little help in making our outside just as attractive as we are internally, and that's what cosmetics companies like Vine Vera strive to achieve.

But what is physical beauty? It is different to everyone. Each person has different likes, different qualities that define beauty for them. For the most part, however, at least on a biological level, beauty comes from symmetry. Symmetry is proportion and balance, meaning that when bisected, both sides look the same. In the human form, this means that if you drew a line down the middle of someone's face, their features are identical on both sides, without extra bumps, marks, etc. The evenness of a person reflects that their body has developed well, and that plays a major role in the mind as to our concept of something being "beautiful."

It's not the only measure of beauty, but it is a place where many skincare products can help. Since most people have slight, barely noticeable shade differences to their complexion, a toner and other cosmetics even out their coloring, making it uniform. Lip shape isn't always perfect, and so a lip liner and lipstick make your smile perfect. Sometimes, eyelashes and eyebrows grow unevenly, so products to make them uniform are used to shape or highlight those features.

Smooth skin is also extremely desirable, especially on the face. That's why treating the skin with moisturizers and cosmetics with resveratrol can make damaged skin look taught and fresh. Skincare is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, not just from a beauty standpoint, but for our health as well. The skin performs many functions necessary to our body, including regulating our body temperature, removing toxins, preventing infection, and absorbing nutrients from sunlight. Caring for our skin is about far more than its appearance.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one looks at us as much as we look at ourselves, and no one judges us as harshly based on our appearance. Beauty; true beauty, must come from within, but with the help of products from Vine Vera, you can look just as good on the outside as you know you are on the inside, and show the world the beauty and wonder that is you. There is no better feeling than opening yourself up, and letting the real you out.

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