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    25 Perfectly Shady GIFs You Need To Add To Your Arsenal

    Need to throw shade, but don't know how? Maybe some of these looks can help.

    1. The "I Said What I Said" Look

    ABC / Via

    2. The "Watch Yo' Mouth" Look

    20th Century Fox / Via

    3. The "You Just Got Called Out in Front of Everybody" Look

    Bravo / Via rhonj-kimg-evil.gif

    4. The "Oh Really, Sweetie?" Look

    Screen Gems / Via

    5. The "You Don't Stand a Chance, Boo" Look

    6. The "Wait Till We Get Outside" Look

    The WB / Via

    7. The "You Are The Worst" Look

    Cinemarque Entertainment / Via

    8. The "I Really Don't Care" Look

    SNL Studios / Via

    9. The "Yes, I Am the HBIC" Look

    Marvel Studios / Via

    10. The "I Can't" Look

    The CW / Via

    11. The "Sorry, Not Sorry" Look

    The CW / Via

    12. The "I Don't Like You" Look

    HBO / Via

    13. The "I Know You Cheated on the Test" Look

    MTV Films / Via

    14. The "I Didn't Ask for Your Opinion" Look

    FX / Via

    15. The "I'm Over It" Look

    FX / Via

    16. The "I'm Not Here for Your Excuses" Look

    ABC / Via

    17. The "I'm Judging the F*ck out of You" Look

    18. The "Bitch, Please" Look

    19. The "You Were Not Invited" Look

    Fox / Via

    20. The "Who Are You, Again?" Look

    Carousel Productions / Via

    21. The "Have A Seat, Hermione" Look

    Warner Bros. / Via

    22. The "You Didn't Give Me Credit for My Part" Look

    ABC / Via

    23. The "You're Drunk, Again" Look

    Disney / Via

    24. The "Why Are You Talking?" Look

    Miramax Films / Via

    25. The "Did You Just Try It?" Look

    Fox / Via
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