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71 Zara Larsson Lyrics That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

♫ Doin' it all night, all summer. ♫

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1. Getting right back in the mood. 😉

2. Under my shades.

3. I wanna act a fool.

4. Just chillin'.

5. I can see the world before my eyes.

6. Yeah, I'm back on track with a better view.

7. Yeah, I've seen it all before.

8. I won't fast-forward, replay, or rewind. 📼

9. So fresh.

10. I'm a villain and a beast.

11. You'll be seeing my face again.

12. I'm a giant and a ghost.

13. I can't hold my tongue.

14. I'm the devil.

15. Everybody has a dark side. 🔪

16. I did it again.

17. No tricks, no bluff.

18. Clear as a crystal, and sharp as a knife.

19. I could move from this town.

20. Speakers says the flight delayed.

21. Baby, I'm a rolling stone.

22. Messy hair, wide eyes.

23. Sleepless so many nights. 💤

24. Do you recognize the sound of my voice?

25. Tossing in my bed all these thoughts in my head.

26. Deep down inside there's an unending fire. 🔥

27. I live my day as if it was the last, live my day as if there was no past.

28. It was a night to remember, we were hanging up on the roof.

29. These young boys make a lot of noise.

30. Doin' it all night, all summer, doin' it the way I wanna.

31. One night on the rooftop.

32. Get your shades, put 'em on. 😎

33. Yeah imma dance my heart out 'til the dawn, but I won't be done when morning comes. 💃

34. Get your Gucci's, or Vuitton's.

35. Gotta get back in the groove.

36. Yeah, I know this is hardcore.

37. Spend some nights in the dark but boy you lit the spark.

38. Bad boys.

39. I could shout out the world.

40. Haters grilling.

41. Lush life. 💋

42. Yeah the sun won't set on us.

43. I will never forget you.

44. It was a crush, but I couldn't, couldn't get enough.

45. There's something 'bout the bad boys, that makes the good girls fall in love.

46. 'Cause I've a weak heart, baby, I've a weak heart. 💔

47. You'll be dreaming on places we went.

48. I'll be the one to carry you home.

49. You're still in my blood.

50. We are a secret, can't be exposed.

51. Talkin' 'bout I change your heart again.

52. Now I found someone.

53. My asylum, my asylum is in your arms.

54. And it feels like I'm starting to love again.

55. You're like a one way trip but I'm ready to leave.

56. We could build a universe right here, the world could disappear, I just need you near.

57. Like stars in hiding, you and I burn on, on.

58. Starting to love again. 💕

59. There's a fire between us you're filling in with your touch.

60. The beating in my chest never felt so strong.

61. Although you're far away you're still right next to me.

62. From the day that I met you I knew that I would love you 'till the day I die.

63. I can't hide my connection with you.

64. You've got my heart skip... skipping a beat.

65. You're the one I want.

66. I don't care 'bout love, whatever this is... it feels right.

67. Wanna be your baby.

68. Far from the others, close to each other.

69. 'Cause your love is endless, my love is endless.

70. When worlds collide.

71. In love with myself.

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