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54 Situations Every Serbian Can Relate To

Promaja, promaja everywhere! *May apply to other balkan and eastern european countries*

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1. When you introduce yourself.


You: Hi, I'm Mrs Djokovic.

Other people who have no idea what your name is: Hi Mrs Jokin'bitch.

You again: No, it's D.J.O.K.O.V.I.C

Other people again: May I call you Milosevic, it's easier to remember.

11. Your parents told you about Mihajlo Pupin.


"When he arrived in America, he had nothing! And when they asked him if he knows anybody in the USA, he said: yes, I know Abraham Lincoln and George Washington".

12. You have a love-hate relationship with our soccer team.


They're scoring for United, Liverpool, Dortmund, but when it comes to score for the country, they forget how to use their legs.

(svi zajedno ali samo kad su pare u pitanju)

26. Now you have to sing her song!

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Dva, tri:

Ima jedna pecina stroga,

u kojoj zivi babaroga

a ja sam valda razumete,

jedno veoma hrabro dete

pa sam resio upravo stoga,

da joj pokazem njenog boga

ali valjda znate i sami,

babaroga se krije u tami...

Nosim joj limun, nudim joj krusku

a ona ni da pokaze njusku

da li postoji, il' ne postoji -

uglavnom ona se mene boji..

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