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26 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Working In Retail

"I'll be in that pile of clothes, thanks".

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1. The love-hate relationship with Christmas music.

Not looking forward to hearing Christmas music for 40 hours a week. #retailproblems

2. All.Day.Long.

The day after Halloween, the employees recoil in horror as the torture known as Christmas music 24/7 begins #retailproblems #retailfails

3. When you realize this.

Such a large part of my job is answering customer questions by just reading the information off the product's packaging. #retailproblems

4. When the retail life haunts your dreams.

I had a dream that I had to work Black Friday by myself and I woke up crying #RetailProblems

5. And sometimes you feel like you're in ANTM.

Practicing my customer service smile in the mirror so I don't look like I want to kill people today at work #retailproblems @RetailFailures

Smize and be fierce.

6. This uncomfortable truth.

When customers ask, "How do you know you don't have this anywhere else?" #RetailStories #RetailProblems

7. Work that pole!

customers who throw money at you as though you're goddamn stripper #retailproblems let me throw your change back at you and see what you do

8. This sad reality.

9. T.G.I WHAT?

"Thank god it's Friday" said no one who works in retail ever #retailproblems #Thankgoditsfriday

10. That awkward moment.

That moment when you catch yourself straightening items on a shelf in a store you don't work at. #retailproblems

It happens way more often that you want to admit it.

11. People who don't understand that they share names with other people.

C: Why won't this work? M: Somebody else is already using that email address. C: They can't! That's MY last name! M: ...... #retailproblems

12. Yup.

C:Why don't you sell alcohol here? M:I would drink it all. #retailproblems

13. Unfortunately, this is 150% true.

Quick retail fact: you will never have an uninterrupted lunch or restroom break. The customers have a 6th sense for it #retailproblems

14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's an old photo of my child, what size do you think they are? #retailproblems

We can't even.

15. Never trust a shelf.

Mom: how was work? Me: I got my arm stuck in the shelf again. It was the tea boxes. Mom: maybe tomorrow will be better. #retailproblems

16. Please don't.

customer: "awwww. you look so lonely over here! i'll give you some company." I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH BEING BY MYSELF #retailproblems

17. The retail life will teach you things you wouldn't learn anywhere else.

Because of retail, I have mastered the eyeroll. #retaillife #retailproblems #retail

And the resting bitchface too.

18. We've mastered telepathy.

When you and your coworkers somehow learn a language only using facial expressions to talk shit about customers #retaillife #retailproblems

19. Listen to Shia.

"Well I guess I'll go to Walmart then." Do you want me to beg you to stay? Because: #retailproblems #dearcustomer

What do you want from us??

20. That moment when you lost all faith in humanity.

I'll be in that pile of clothes, thanks. #retailproblems


21. *Insert stupid jokes here*

One day I'm going to lose my job for hurling the register at a customer's face. #retailproblems

Please, stop with the "it's not scanning, must be free" joke. We're so done with it.

22. We can make stupid jokes too.

Customer: do you have anything that's free? Me: oxygen and music for your enjoyment #retailproblems @RetailFailures


23. Kiiiiids *shudders*.

24. There's no other way to describe how frustrated we are.

When a customer looks through the window 2min before closing. #retailproblems

25. Here's how it looks IRL.

It's sad how accurate SpongeBob is #retailproblems

26. And finally, this.

100% accurate #retail #retailproblems

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