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24 Perfect Gordon Ramsay GIFs Perfect For Every Situation

Bloody hell, here we go again!

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1. When people share their Candy Crush scores all over their timeline.

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2. Or when someone starts a Facebook status with, "I am humbled to announce..."

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3. When someone insults your taste in music or movies.

4. When people ask you, "When are you getting married? Or getting a boyfriend? When are you having kids?"

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That's none of your business.

5. When you're drunk AF and you just want to go home.

6. When your S.O. undercooks dinner.

7. When Kim tweets a photo of her and Amber Rose.

8. When everyone else's food arrives and you're still waiting.

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You're not hangry anymore, you're just ANGRY.

9. When someone catcalls you.

10. When you open up your phone and see a dick pic.

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Bye Felipe!

11. When you catch a colleague stealing your food from the shared fridge.

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It's 100 times worse when your name was written on it.

12. When someone sends you a Candy Crush invitation on Facebook.

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13. When someone is texting you nonstop and then suddenly don't text back for four days.

14. When your ex tells you you'll never be able to find anyone like them and that they were the best you could get.

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15. When the Wi-Fi is too slow.

16. When you're surrounded by people who do not know what they are doing.

17. When you're on a plane and kids are crying.

18. When someone thinks the Earth is 2016 years old.

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19. When people like or share a "Mark Zuckerberg will donate $10,000 dollars to everyone who shares this" post.

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Breaking news: it's FAKE.

20. When people cut in line and you've been waiting for hours.

21. When you are disgraced by the presence of slow walkers.

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Or people who just stop walking, or people who bump into you, people who push you...

22. When you have your period and start craving weird shit.

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As long as it's food.

23. When you're in a public space and people start to sing "happy birthday" to you.

FOX / Via

RIP me.

24. And when you're just. done.

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Please, send help.

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