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21 Times Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Gave Us Serious Relationship And Family Goals

This couple is legen...wait for it...dary!

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1. When they put a ring on it and hit you right in the feels.

2. When their love glowed like a firework.

3. When they spent family time on the beach, just like any other family.

Feel the happiness.

4. When they looked snazzy in their Sunday best.

5. When they made sure their cutie pie kids weren't getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day.

6. And when their kids dressed better than any given adult.

7. When they got a little messy in the kitchen.

8. When their vacation pics made us all want to hang out with them.

9. And when they partied hard.

11. When their anniversary pic was so cute it hurt.

Happy 11 year anniversary to @ActuallyNPH Without him I’d be lost! He makes me so happy!

12. When they were the perfect duo.

13. When they were two ~daddy~ longlegs.

14. When they were somehow so normal and so angelic at the same time.

15. When the love they share was summed up in a single photo.

16. When you were seriously overwhelmed by their kids' cuteness.

17. When they threw the best pajama party ever.

18. And when their movie nights were equally as charming.

19. When they won the Halloween costume contest...



21. You're doing this love thing right.

We love you guys.

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