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21 Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For All Bisexual People

"When you had a crush on shark boy and lava girl."

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1. How it all began.

#GrowingUpBi when you had a crush on shark boy and lava girl

2. This terrible thought.

#GrowingUpBi You know what would be terrible? If your dream girl and your dream guy fell in love with each other and hated you

3. When you were young and had no idea of "what" you were.

#growingupbi being confused af for like 5 years and then saying "whatever fuck it"

4. The dating pool.

5. The face you make when you just don't know what to say.

#GrowingUpBi "You can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend right? Cause you'd be in a straight and gay relationship?"

6. Relatives don't get it.

So my relatives asked me if I have a boyfriend and I said no. Cause I have a girlfriend #GrowingUpBi

7. When we lost faith in humanity. Over and over again.

Person: are you gay? Me: no, I'm bisexual Person: oh so you're gonna cheat on your partner? #growingupbi

8. SMH at people who think they know you better than you know yourself.

#GrowingUpBi also everyone debates whether you're "gay and just won't admit it" like

9. Bitch, please.

10. Hearing this all too often.

11. It feels like every song was written for you.

#GrowingUpBi being able to relate to every single love song no matter the pronouns used :)

12. This uncomfortable truth.

#growingupbi feeling like you're too gay to be straight but also too straight to be gay

13. *facepalms*

#GrowingUpBi "wait that's real?" "it's for attention" "just a phase" "that's hot" "but have u dated both?" "r u sure"

14. No. No. No.

15. Just don't.

When I told my ex I was bi and he said "dude that's hot. Id totally watch" #growingupbi

16. This sad reality.

#growingupbi Seeing bi women on movies and tv but still can't see any bi men cause of outdated ideas of masculinity love Bi erasure

17. The dreaded question about marriage.

When they ask if you're gonna marry a guy or a girl when you get older #growingupbi

18. When you were "just a fan."

#GrowingUpBi having pictures of celebrity crushes of the same gender on ur middle school binder & using the "role model" excuse

19. Nope, it's not a phase.

When your parents say "Its just a phase" #GrowingupBi

20. "If you had to choose..."

#GrowingUpBi "so, if you had to choose, boys or girls?"

21. And finally, how you feel about all the homophobic people out there.

"I don't want my kids seeing gays. I don't want my kids to be exposed to something so unnatural." Me: #GrowingUpBi

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