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    20 Cat GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Life

    ♫ Everybody wants to be a cat ♫

    1. Everytime you hear "Work" by Rihanna.

    2. When bae is sleeping but you want attention.

    3. When you're out with your squad and your favorite song comes on.


    OK kitties now let's get in formation!

    4. When you're mad so you lock yourself in your room, but your mom cooked your favorite dish.


    I'm coming!

    5. When you wanted a snack and ended up eating an entire pizza, a large bowl of pasta, and some ice cream.

    6. When you and bae want to recreate the iconic and romantic kiss from Spider Man.



    7. When your younger sibling is being annoying, and you try to keep calm because you know that they will tell your parents if you touch them.

    8. When you see your crush and try to act natural.


    You fail, obviously.

    9. When you bring donuts to work.

    10. When you binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix.


    'Til next time, Netflix.

    11. When you try to sneak into your bedroom at 5 a.m., but your mom hears you and she calls you by your FULL name.

    12. When you try to stay awake in class.


    Well, you tried.

    13. When you're being lazy AF.


    14. When you look so good that you don't even recognize yourself.


    Look at that contour tho.

    15. When you see your crush kissing someone else.


    16. When you're having a great day, but then you remember that embarrassing thing that happened to you five years ago.


    He wasn't waving at me, why did I wave back?!

    17. When you just painted your nails and you realize that you need to pee.

    18. When you're feeling yourself.


    Deal with it.

    19. When a fuckboy is annoying you and you're tired of his shit.


    Bye Felipe!

    20. When you're at a party and you're the only one who's single.

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