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17 Situations When The Confused Girl Meme Is The Perfect And Only Answer

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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1. When you get an unwanted dick pic.

2. When a fuckboy texts, "and then what? ;)"

3. When people share their Candy Crush scores all over their timelines.

4. Or when someone invites you to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

5. When someone says they don't use Venmo.

6. When you see a "happy birthday earth, you're 2016 years old!" tweet.

7. When you catch someone subtweeting you.

8. When someone follows you, but as soon as you follow back, they unfollow you.

9. When you text someone and they answer "k."

10. When you text someone and they don't reply, but you see them posting shit on Instagram and Facebook.

11. When someone sends you the same snap they put in their Story.

12. When someone leaves a voicemail.

13. When your cheating ex sends a, "Hey, I miss you, wanna meet up?" text.

14. When your mom gives your phone number to a stranger because she thinks you have a lot in common.

15. When you post a pic of yourself with perfectly applied eyeliner and lipstick and someone leaves a comment saying you're prettier without makeup.

16. When someone unironically captions their obviously edited Instagram pic #nofilter.

17. When people repost Facebook hoaxes time after time.

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