16 God Warrior GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Dating And Sex Life


    1. When you see your crush.

    2. When your crush gives you a compliment and you try to play it cool.

    3. When they ask you how you feel about dating apps.

    4. When you've been ghosted for the 10,000th time.

    5. When they come back out of the blue with a fire selfie and ask "hey, how you doing?"

    6. When he wants to have anal sex... without lube.

    7. When your crush goes down on you.

    8. When the d* is huge.

    9. When you meet the in-laws.

    10. When you comment 😏 on your crush's fire selfie.

    11. When your crush is a very religious hottie, but you're not and they ask you how you feel about religion.

    12. When you hear that your sister is a huge fan of Fifty Shades of Grey.

    13. "Do you remember when you used to date..."

    14. When you see a fuckboy approaching you.

    15. When he says he doesn't go down on women.

    16. And when some random guy on the street asks you why you're not smiling.

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